I love good design, natural materials, and honest craftsmanship.

I hand make textiles that I want to wear in fabrics that feel awesome. 

As a professional graphic designer and a textile artist, creating textiles by hand is a deliberate commitment to slow down the digital noise in my little part of the world. "Slow textiles", created with care and intention using traditional methods, in natural fibers like silk, linen, and wool. I make one-of-a-kind scarves and wraps for unique and stylish women.  

No Flowers

Well it is true, there are no flowers on my scarves, just graphic geometric shapes and bold sophistication. My art wraps will light up your all black ensemble or neutral linen tunic with beauty and understated panache. Black, white, neutral gray, brown; these are my palette. If you share my minimal aesthetic, then my scarves are made for you. 

More on that to come...